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Title Date Details
Tender No. 3784 dt. 16.02.2017 GIP, Nashik - for prefect Binding with Section Sewing 31500 copies “Pragya Abhyas Pustika.” 03/03/2017 Detail
Tender No. 3689 dt. 9.2.2017 GIP, Nashik—for disposal of unserviceable items from Govt. of India Pres . 03/03/2017 Detail
Tender No. 6369 dt. 8.2.2017 GIP, Faridabad—for Annual contract for refilling of Toner No. 78A, 88A,12A,53A, and 38A of Printer of this Press . 03/03/2017 Detail
Advertisement No. 6398 dt. 10.2.2017 GIP, Faridabad – relating to engagement of Apprentices for training in the trade of Book-Binder. 03/03/2017 Detail
Tender No. 2256 date 18.2.2017 GIP, Coimbatore Quotation for Art Card to be opened at 3.00 PM on 03.03.2017 03/03/2017 Detail
Tender No. 936 to 945 dated 22.2.2017 GIP, Nilokheri – Quotation for the supply of Brown Craft Paper 61x86 cm 02/03/2017 Detail