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Title Date Details
Tender No 833 dt. 5.5.3017 GIP, Faridabad –for Sale/disposal of Bare Reel Core (App.3MTs.) 11/05/2017 Detail
Tender No.695 dt. 3.5.3017 GIP, Faridabad –for supply of Pink Cover Pager (80 Reams) 11/05/2017 Detail
Tender No.723 dt. 3.5.3017 GIP, Faridabad –for Annual Maintenance Contract of Computers & Printer with spare parts 11/05/2017 Detail
Tender No.784 dt. 4.5.3017 GIP, Faridabad –for Sale/disposal of Waste Paper (decayed) lying in open space 11/05/2017 Detail
Tender No. 22 dt. 26.4.2017 GIP, Ring Road, Maya Puri- for Comprehensive Annual Rate Contract of one no. Riso M/c. No. RSZ-1070-A Sl. No. 78580178 of this press for one year. 09/05/2017 Detail
Tender Notice No. 668 dt. 2.5.2017 GIP, Faridabad –tender for supply of Rubber Blanket of HMT, Max, Web Ptg. machine 05/05/2017 Detail
Office Order No 22/01/2010-A.II (Vol.IV) dt. 27.4.2017 Reg. Addition Charge of GIP, Minto Road to Shri B. Sahoo, General Manager (HQ) 04/05/2017 Detail
Printing and supply of two booklets of Smart City Mission, Ministry of UD 02/05/2017 Detail
Tender No. 466 date 24.4.2017 GIP, Faridabad –for disposal of used Aluminium Plates. 28/04/2017 Detail
Tender No.58 to 74 of GIP Minto Road for scanning and outputting of photographs of differenct sizes at GIP Minto Road for one year 27/04/2017 Detail
Tender dated 25.4.2017 GIP, Nashik – for supply of High Speed Dense Black Ink 26/04/2017 Detail
Tender No. 203 dated 17.4.2017 GIP, Nashik – for transportation of Brown Craft Paper-275 reams & Green Cartridge paper-300 reams from GIP, Santragachi to GIP, Nashik 21/04/2017 Detail
Tender No. 1529 dated 18.4.2017 GIP, Nilokheri -for purchase of 02 No CCTV Cameras with accessories. 21/04/2017 Detail
Tender No. 1578 dated 20.4.2017 GIP, Nilokheri -for purchase of 44 Reams Pink Paper. 21/04/2017 Detail
Tender No. 20 dated 21.4.2017 GIP, Ring Road, Mayapuri – for Annual Rate contract of Hiring one No. Commercial Vehicle (Passenger) for one Year 21/04/2017 Detail