Government of India Press (GIP)

Government of India Press (GIP) Tenders
S. No. Title Downloads Publish Date Valid Upto
1 E-Tender Notice No.D-15017/P-I/54/2018-19 dated. 11.10.2018 GIP, Nashik – for Supply of 60 reams of Cromo Art Card 25”x35” in size 170 GSM made from Virgin Pulp for Govt. of India Press, Nashik. Download (91.26 KB) pdf 12/10/2018 29/10/2018
2 Tender Notice No. D/141/P.S./3763-3774/18 dated 08.10.2018 GIP, Minto Road – NIT for the purchase of Cotton waste (Jute). Download (126.14 KB) pdf 08/10/2018 25/10/2018
3 Blacklisting Order No. 01 F.No. D-141/PS/2237/18 dated 17.07.2018 GIP, Minto Road, New Delhi – Name & Address of the Blacklisted Entity Download (814.08 KB) pdf 23/07/2018 17/01/2019